Welcome from the Chair

Within a little more than a decade, Tsukuba MBA-IB has achieved its goal to develop ambitious individuals into responsible global leaders.
In a VUCA world - characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity - global leaders are required to have keen insights for the future, strong problem-solving abilities, and autonomous leadership skills.
In order to develop those essential management capabilities, MBA-IB provides a truly global education program, taught entirely in English, from both academic and practical business perspectives. Since 2005, we have been adapting our structured curriculum, which cuts across traditional MBA courses associated with a wide range of electives to meet the needs of our Japanese and international students.

MBA-IB is a closely-knit community consisting of diverse faculty members and students. We provide an attractive and convenient learning environment located in central Tokyo and surrounded by greenery. We sincerely hope that many more motivated working professionals will continue to come together and learn at MBA-1B, thus creating value for society.

Takashi Hirai
平井 孝志
Chair of the MBA-IB Program