Global Networking

Global Networking

Campus open to the world

Our program seeks to nurture a global perspective in our students. Joint-lectures with international universities using our state-of-the-art e-learning system are one method for achieving this goal. Through this program students are able to interact in real-time with both faculty and students abroad to share and enrich their knowledge.
MBA-IB connects online with leading international business schools and overseas assistance agencies to broadcast and receive in real-time a wide range of international courses. MBA-IB also conducts admissions interviews and student presentations using webcams and other ICT tools.
Actual Cases
Scenes from the joint-course with overseas partnership business schools

Full-time faculty members

MBA-IB boasts an international faculty body with nearly half of our instructors coming from outside Japan. The faculty body also comprises both academics and business practitioners with vast international business experience.

Visiting professors and lecturers

Every year MBA-IB invites professors from leading international educational institutions to provide first-hand knowledge of the emerging global business environment and international cultures.

Visiting Professors: Anthony Hayter (from USA), and Chaipong Pongpanich (from Thailand)
A. Hayter Chaipong Pongpanich
Visiting Professors: Franz Waldenberger (from Germany), and Chris Brewster (from UK)
Visiting Professors: Irina Petrovskaya (from Russia), and Donald Louis Amoroso (from USA)
Visiting Professors: Keith Coats (from South Africa), and Nicholas Barker (from USA)
Global Networking
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