Mina Ryoke

MBA-IB Faculty Profile

Mina Ryoke

Associate Professor
Applied Information Area

Business Mathematics
Data Analysis I: Introduction to Data Analysis
Data Analysis III: Data Mining
OPM I : Operations Management
Business Simulation

Ph.D. Osaka University

Mina Ryoke received the Ph.D. in engineering from Osaka University in 1998. She joined a chair of Complex Systems Analysis (CAS), School of Knowledge Science (KS), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) as a Research Associate in April 1998. Since October 2002, she joined Graduate School of Business Sciences (GSBS), University of Tsukuba.

Currently she is an Associate Professor at the MBA Program in International Business (MBA-IB), Doctoral Program in Systems Management and Business Law. She started her affiliation at University of Tsukuba in October 2002 by joining the Systems Management to work on development and applications of system modeling techniques in the Quantitative Analysis area as an Assistant Professor.

Her major field of study is information and systems science. She is interested in Data Mining, Soft Computing and Simulation Techniques, especially, generalized regression, fuzzy clustering, nonlinear optimization and agent-based simulation.