Messages from Alumni

Messages from Alumni

Chihiro Hosoya, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2017
This intensive two-year program for working professionals was not just a place to learn state-of-the-art academic knowledge from high quality professors, it was also a laboratory to develop new business competencies through active interactions with my classmates. Opportunities such as group projects, overseas field work, seminars and much more were all stimulating experiments for me. I wish all future students enjoy their new endeavor to awake unlimited potential at MBA-IB.

Siew Sin Lim, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2016
With guidance from faculty and colleagues, the MBA-IB's four area curriculum segmentation allowed me to target my weaknesses while simultaneously expand on my strengths. Thanks to both in and out of classroom experiences, I believe I am on the way to making improved business decisions and building better relationships. The program really gives back what one puts in and as such, I would urge future students to continue pushing boundaries and rediscover themselves here at University of Tsukuba's MBA-IB program.

Makoto Tomita, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2015
I joined the program with hopes to master and improve my global business skills further in order to find solutions to specific issues in the real business world. The Business Project is an ideal opportunity to achieve this goal. Both faculty and classmates are well diversified in nationality, industry, and experience hence you will also learn a lot from one another and broaden your perspective in these tough yet rewarding two years.

Leslie Anne James, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2014
This program first stood out to me because the professors and students come from a variety of backgrounds, and I believe that this leads to valuable insights. I was able to learn about all kinds of businesses and national cultures through both course content and my peers. MBA-IB encourages you to develop public speaking, critical thinking, teamwork, and international communication skills.

Bob Ng, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2013
I came to the Tsukuba MBA-IB program with the hope of gaining analytical business and finance skills, but I took with me much more. Thanks to this program, I could directly apply to the digital consumer market what I had learnt in business strategy and financial analysis. I wholeheartedly recommend the MBA-IB program to any global business person wanting to gain a global perspective and to expand his or her professional network, right here in downtown Tokyo.

Messages from Alumni
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