筑波大学 University of Tsukuba 国際経営プロフェッショナル専攻 Graduate School of Business Sciences MBA Program in international Business



Yuko Eguchi, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2024

The most important message that I want to convey is to "continue embracing challenges". As I accumulated business experience in the pharmaceutical industry after obtaining my PhD in medical science, my interest in addressing broader and more comprehensive psychosocial issues in healthcare grew, leading me to pursue an MBA degree. I chose Tsukuba MBA-IB for three primary reasons: the flexibility to study while working, the opportunity to learn international business management in English, and the option to conduct new business creation as a research theme.
During my time at Tsukuba MBA-IB, I participated in various activities, including team events such as Marketition 2022 and SCG Bangkok Business Challenge 2022 and 2023, as well as individual pursuits such as being selected as a finalist in the J-Hatch 2023 pitch event as a student entrepreneur (supported by JETRO and Canadian tech incubator DMZ). Additionally, I joined prestigious programs like the Global Innovator Creation Program J-StarX 2023 in Silicon Valley (supported by METI) and the No Venture, No Victory program 2024 in Melbourne (supported by MEXT). Presenting at the World Conference on Qualitative Research 2024 was another significant milestone.
The most memorable moment of the MBA for me was receiving the "Best Design Thinking Award" at the demo day of the J-StarX program. The recognition of my efforts in the business project from outside the university gave me confidence and encouragement. Furthermore, fostering strong connections with peers and expanding my network both internally and externally has been invaluable. I extend my gratitude to all those involved, particularly the Chief and Second Advisor.
Graduation marks not the end but the commencement of a new journey. With the knowledge and skills acquired, I aspire to persist in dedicating myself to serving society.

Amit Gupta, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2023

As I reflect on my time at Tsukuba MBA-IB, I am filled with gratitude for the enriching experiences, lifelong friendships, and invaluable knowledge gained during those two years. The MBA-IB program not only equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of international business but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and cultural appreciation that has proven to be an asset in my professional journey. Despite a decade of prior professional experience before joining the program, certain business sectors such as Marketing, Finance, and HR management remained largely unexplored to me. The program's academic rigor, coupled with the guidance of esteemed faculty members, inspired me to approach these fields with a strategic mindset and embrace a global perspective.
Participating in the CFA Ethics Challenge, CFA Research Challenge, and Marketition competition were standout moments in my MBA-IB journey, complementing academic learning with practical insights. My deepest gratitude extends to the faculty, staff, and fellow students who made this journey unforgettable. The bonds forged and lessons learned together remain etched in my memory, serving as a constant source of inspiration.

Clarence Catolico Garcia, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2022

What made me decide to choose the Tsukuba MBA-IB program is that it is tailored for working professionals in Tokyo and it offers an encompassing curriculum taught by diverse and accomplished faculty. Indeed, the program's core courses provided me with the key background and knowledge expected from business graduates such as accounting, HR management, marketing, and strategy. On top of this, I appreciated the flexibility to select from a wide array of elective courses in various fields, such as cross-cultural management, data analysis, international relations, operations, and others. This flexibility allowed me to delve deeper into certain topics of interest and build my skills. Besides the in-class courses, the students are also encouraged to go beyond the program and join inter-school competitions, conferences, and events. One of my MBA-IB highlights was being one of three members who represented and won for the University of Tsukuba and Japan in a regional competition in Asia. It was a truly remarkable experience! Looking back, the program has provided me with new relationships, learnings, and perspectives, which are more than what I have originally signed up for.
So, for those of you who are thinking of joining, why don't you give it a try? The program has a lot to offer, and it is up to you to grab it. My advice is: be open, enjoy and explore the MBA-IB difference.

Mahatab Mohin, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2021

Being a graduate with an engineering background, I always wanted to pursue a business study program. I was leading an IT team in a multinational company when I applied for the Tsukuba MBA-IB program, but I did not have much business knowledge in areas beyond IT. I was looking for a program that would allow me to gain knowledge about all aspects of doing business in a corporate environment and most importantly, a program that would be flexible enough to complete while working full-time. Tsukuba MBA-IB fulfilled my requirements. The program is very well balanced, it helped me gain knowledge not only in marketing or business strategy but also in HR, finance and managerial accounting. It reinforced my existing knowledge in cross-cultural management and helped me understand global macro-level factors that affect business. On top of it, it was a lifetime opportunity to build a network of trusted friends who are from diverse backgrounds.
For prospective students, I would say, take the challenge, you will not notice how time flies and in the end, you will feel much more accomplished than before.

Nguyen Tu-Dung, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2020

When I was reflecting on my two years at the University of Tsukuba MBA-IB program, I realized that I had gained more than I had ever expected. I was able to study in a diversified environment with many fellow students from different backgrounds and industries. I could learn from many renowned professors for their extensive knowledge and professional experience. I had the chance to participate in various overseas study trips which brought a wealth of the real business world experience. And last but not least, I was grateful that I could broaden my knowledge, enrich my life experience and establish a network of professionals to improve my career growth and development. I believe each and everyone of us has unique interests and goals, but what makes us be here together is the constant thirst for new knowledge and skills. So rock it! Earn your Master Degree in a marvelous way. Enjoy every moment of your school time to the fullest. Don’t give up. The journey is worth it in the end. Good luck and have fun.

Bryce Raynor, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2019

In 2017, I made the decision to join the Tsukuba MBA-IB Program in order to gain a greater understanding of international business. Since I specialized in Psychology in my undergraduate years, I felt that I lacked a lot of essential knowledge in areas such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management. Over the two years in this program, I have become more familiar with all facets of business management through the courses provided by the program and built relationships with professors, lecturers and colleagues came from diverse backgrounds. Thanks to this program, I feel that I have the tool set and the network to help me create the change I want to make in my field and in my career. I urge future students to be open to making mistakes, eager to learn and daring to take advantage of all the opportunities that University of Tsukuba offers.

Yamato Adachi, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2018

I chose the Tsukuba MBA-IB program as one of my drivers to pursue an MBA was to utilize it as a chance to gain more international experiences and interaction with people from different industries. I was looking for a program that promotes diversity in every aspect.
The diversity and quality of the class at the Tsukuba MBA-IB program delivers interesting class discussions, at the same time enhancing the overall learning experience. Moreover, the faculty has been committed and extremely supportive of me and my Business Project in pushing my initiative through the right channels. This program has opened the door for me to a new set of opportunities I would not have had access to without these experiences.

Chihiro Hosoya, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2017

This intensive two-year program for working professionals was not just a place to learn state-of-the-art academic knowledge from high quality professors, it was also a laboratory to develop new business competencies through active interactions with my classmates. Opportunities such as group projects, overseas field work, seminars and much more were all stimulating experiments for me. I wish all future students enjoy their new endeavor to awake unlimited potential at MBA-IB.

Siew Sin Lim, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2016

With guidance from faculty and colleagues, the MBA-IB's four area curriculum segmentation allowed me to target my weaknesses while simultaneously expand on my strengths. Thanks to both in and out of classroom experiences, I believe I am on the way to making improved business decisions and building better relationships. The program really gives back what one puts in and as such, I would urge future students to continue pushing boundaries and rediscover themselves here at University of Tsukuba's MBA-IB program.

Makoto Tomita, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2015

I joined the program with hopes to master and improve my global business skills further in order to find solutions to specific issues in the real business world. The Business Project is an ideal opportunity to achieve this goal. Both faculty and classmates are well diversified in nationality, industry, and experience hence you will also learn a lot from one another and broaden your perspective in these tough yet rewarding two years.

Leslie Anne James, MBA-IB Graduate, Class of 2014

This program first stood out to me because the professors and students come from a variety of backgrounds, and I believe that this leads to valuable insights. I was able to learn about all kinds of businesses and national cultures through both course content and my peers. MBA-IB encourages you to develop public speaking, critical thinking, teamwork, and international communication skills.