Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Classes Offered at Tsukuba MBA-IB Program

Courses at the MBA-IB program are offered in the following four areas of study:

Applied Information Area

Business Mathematics (Basic), Business Simulation, Introductory Data Analysis: Invitation to Quantitative Analysis, Data Analysis 1: Introduction to Data Analysis, Data Analysis 2: Principle of Quantitative Research, Data Analysis 3: Data Mining, Operations Management 1: Operations Management (Core), Operations Management 2: Decision Analysis, Operations Management 3: Risk Analysis, Operations Management 4: Project Management, Operations Management 6: Systems Design Theory, Business Statistics, PPDAC based Research Design

International Adaptability Area

Global Knowledge 1: Practical Aspects of Business Law 1, Global Management 1: International Relations and Economics (Core) , Global Management 2: Transcultural Management, Global Management 4: ODA Project Management, Global Skills 1: Coaching to Grow People, Cross Cultural Management 1: Managing Across Boarders, Cross Cultural Management 2: The Challenge of Globalization, Overseas Study Seminar 1-4, Case Study Seminar 1, Business Project Writing, Business in Emerging Countries, Business Negotiation, ODA Seminar 1, Management Communication, Business Studies 2 (Seminar), Business Studies 3 (Field Work), Applied International Political Economy, Business Communication Skills 2, Overseas Conference Seminar 2

Business Strategy Area

Introduction to Economics 1 (Basic), Introduction to Economics 2, Accounting 1: Basic Accounting Theory (Core), Accounting 2: Financial Analysis, Business Strategy 1: Business Strategy (Core) , Finance 1: Corporate Finance (Core) , Finance 2: Valuation, Finance 3: Derivatives, Finance 4: Project Finance, Marketing 1: Marketing Management (Core) , Marketing 2: Global Marketing, Marketing 3: Branding, Marketing 4: Pricing, Entrepreneurship 1: Entrepreneurship, Finance Seminar 1, Finance Seminar 2, Finance Seminar 3, Managing Consulting Practice

Organizational Management Area

Business Ethics, Cross-cultural Management and Virtual Teams 1, Cross-cultural Management and Virtual Teams 2, Human Resource Management 1: Human Resource Management (Core) , Human Resource Management 2: Stress Management, Organizational Management 1: Organizational Behavior (Core) , Organizational Management 2: Professional Manager, Leadership 1: Global Leadership, Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility