Tsukuba Short-term Study Program (TSSP)

Tsukuba Short-term Study Program (TSSP)

Tsukuba Short-term Study Program (TSSP)のもと、本専攻は海外の一流大学10校と交換留学制度を設けています。他国のビジネス文化を体験したい学生にはとても素晴らしい機会です。留学に際し、学籍の異動はありませんので、受け入れ先大学での授業料と登録費の支払いは免除となります。

Naomi Kitta, TSSP outgoing student at Grenoble Ecole de Management (FR)

Grenoble is world capital of science and technology. It is the 5th most inventive city in the world according to Forbes. GEM is ranked in the top 6 in France, top 25 in Europe and top 50 worldwide. GEM is the business school of the world-renowned GIANT innovation campus with an international faculty of more than 700, including full time and guest professionals. The school itself is very international and filled with energy from all around the world.
Grenoble 1 Grenoble 2
“France is considered as one of centers in fashion and beauty. My interest was particularly in learning luxury brand business in this country for which I chose Grenoble Ecole de Management.”

“Classes are very interactive, and ideas are shared in all the classes very open. Students are exposed to most updated ideas in the subject, and international students are from a number of different countries such as China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and United States. If you want to be in truly international environment, this is a place to go.”

Ms. Jia Qiao, TSSP incoming student from Shanghai University (CN)

Jia Qiao "During I exchange study in Tsukuba University, I learned a lot of professional knowledge. The professors are high level, and the classmates are eager to become well trained managers. Through group study, I learned how to cooperate with people from different countries. In the modern world, it is important to have cross border communication and management ability. Three months are passing quickly. But the exchange study experience is precious and unforgettable. I hope I can come back some day. Thank you every one!"
Tsukuba Short-term Study Program (TSSP)

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